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Awesome idea!


Published Aniseed v2.1.0 which includes a test runner 😄 Hoping it'll help lispy people make more cool lispy things for Neovim users. I'll be using it to try and reinvent Conjure to some degree as an experiment over the holidays.


It's a suite of tools / functions etc to make writing plugins and config for Neovim in Fennel (a lisp that compiles to Lua) much easier.

👍 8

Something that was unclear to me: does aniseed. Become a dependency of my plugin?


Nope, compile time unless you want to use the standard library sort of things.


Or if you want to dynamically compile more Fennel (like I do in nvim-local-fennel)


Although I would emphasise that copying the built Lua of Aniseed into your plugin really isn't very big at all and it's only loaded as you require it. nvim-local-fennel does this and even does a MrAnderson esc find and replace to keep it's own copy that doesn't collide with any other installed version.