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vim-iced will support debugging by tap and datafy!

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Kitty users may be interested in and I just learned a bit more about dispatch, and figured out how to get activation working. Kitty makes a nice dispatch target, because it survives the closing of vim (e.g. for lein repl).

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this might make sense to bolt onto the x11 adapter if it doesn't complect things too much. (i think that's better than a separate kitty adapter because dispatch doesn't have a good way to configure priority)


Do you mean as opposed to an external adapter, or a separate internal adapter? If there's a decision being made in the x11 adapter about whether to use kitty, then it would just be creating a priority through code rather than using the ordering system in dispatch. Kitty could be disabled like any other adapter in dispatch using g:loaded_kitty_dispatch = 1


that doesn't work. it's not the right naming convention and if you fix that you get an unknown function error (edit: i guess it works for your external adapter)


but really, my objection is if change my preferred terminal, I shouldn't have to also reconfigure dispatch.vim. just let me set $TERMINAL or some other global configuration


sorry, I was just throwing a random name that sounded right. If I was integrating I'd follow the internal convention. Changing preferred terminal will cause automatic switching, the kitty adapter would only activate when you were using a kitty terminal.


does this mean you can't call it from gvim?


kitty supports a remote control api, so if you had a kitty terminal open you could send things to it by let $KITTY_LISTEN_ON = "the_listen_address" but that could be at our discretion.


for me, the use case is entirely that I have a kitty terminal open and want to be able to tab around into a long-running process. I wouldn't be so interested in having a terminal open and sending commands into it. But maybe someone else would be.


your use case is consistent, i guess i'm just getting greedy


do you need that redir? it creates portability issues with e.g. fish


I doubt it, I was copying from another adapter.


Greedy is good, I like being pushed 🙂 I'm learning a lot about viml from helping you.