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Noah Bogart13:05:50

That's kind cool


yeah i am using firacode too. ligatures are nice. afaik the two things are tangential and you can abs use them together


Not sure if they're supported in alacritty yet :thinking_face: which is where I do my vimming.


They aren't 😞


Fonts with ligatures looks nice but they slow down rending too much, at least on my setup.


any of you folks use fzf? I instantly fell in love but now that I'm working on some cljs stuff I find that using something like :Files is bringing in node modules and its thousands of files. It's making the functionality unusable and I'm back to nerdtree. Is there a way to exclude things like that?


oh wow, there should be a way to exclude


i thought it excluded gitignored files by default


(i use vim-fzf)


you might try :GFiles, which is like git ls-files which excludes gitignored files


I could be doing something wrong. But I have a cljs project and when I enter :Files it now brings up 2583 files, 2300 or so are in the node modules folder


yes, :GFiles seems to be what i want here. That takes out all those node module files

Noah Bogart17:05:58

make sure you have a .gitignore file that ignores it


yeah there is. Seems :Files doesn't exclude them though which seems weird. But I am changing my keybinding to :GFiles instead and it works as intended. Thanks folks!

Noah Bogart17:05:17

I'm glad to hear it!


This might be a long shot but is there any way to use a linter like Joker without having to use the big plugins like syntastic or ALE? I only want clojure linting so don't need anything else from those and I find them heavy and maintenance time sucks (my fault as I keep tinkering)


I think the behaviour of Files depends on environment variables


@chase-lambert errorprg should do the job I think


Maybe use vim-dispatch if you want to do it in the background on write