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Any tips for how to investigate a sudden onset of nREPL: [Errno 61] Connection refused^@ when trying to evaluate a form using vim-fireplace? It was working this morning, and now, .. not. The REPL is on a virtualbox (managed with vagrant). I've restarted everything from scratch, laptop, machines, flushed dns caches. I can connect to the repl using lein repl :connect my.internal.url:[my port]. It just doesn't seem to want to work from within vim


I had my laptop seize up earlier today which I suspect is the cause, but I'm confused why it'll work from the command line using lein repl :connect but not within vim


If it helps any, the full error I'm seeing is


Are you connecting using :Connect or relying on fireplace figuring out the port by reading the .nrepl-port file?


using :connect. When I :connect I don't get any error messages, just when I try to do anything


interesting. i've got nothing 🙂