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I would guess most are still using fireplace and it's the stable option. I'm surprised how much I enjoy it's basic simplicity. It's been an efficient, distraction free workflow for me. I haven't put it through it's paces though. Can't speak for the others yet. They have exciting goals but seem to be still maturing but that's just my guess. I usually follow that tempation but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I like that iced has linting capability, not sure if it also wants to take over my structural editing though which I don't want. and it says neovim support still experimental. Haven't figured out what this whole acid+jazz thing is but it seems cool.


Him. I'm the author of acid and jazz. Acid is an attempt to provide the same functionality fireplace does but async. Jazz is an extension of acid that provides more functionality through interactive buffers. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any doubts :)


Hi @U0JA79T4H, how does acid compare to iced & others? There are so many clojure plugins out there these days it's hard to keep up!


Iced is a more traditional vim plugin. It's mostly viml and adds extensions to other plugins directly as part of it's codebase; It's asynchronous, contrary to fireplace and supports primarily vim. Neovim support is experimental. @UBL24PLE6 can give you more details. Fireplace was the pioneer and is the most popular. Most extensions to clojure in vim/nvim are based on fireplace. Acid is neovim-only, async first. It's core is written in lua while most of async code is python (through neovim remote plugins). Once setup is done, everything should work out of the box, but it might have limited features compared to iced/fireplace. However, acid focuses on providing a solid core and being easily extensible so it should be very simple to write other plugins with more sophisticated functionality on top of it. Jazz and async-clj-highlight are good examples of how easy it is to extend acid.

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Thanks a lot! Thats very useful!


Glad I could help!


I like your approach and I'm also bought into neovim pretty hard. So with fireplace, I use cpp to evaluate the current expression my cursor is on and then a kind user here at #vim gave me a little config line to make it so cpt evaluates the entire top form expression without moving my cursor. So simple, it just works and it covers a huge amount of my repl usage (which could be a bad thing, I'm not experienced enough yet to know). But the non async bites me sometimes as I wait for an evaluation to finish. How easy is it to port those two things for acid? I'm tapped out on tool tweaking but the itch is growing!


Currently, acid has cpp support. cptshould be simple to fix. You can check that here:


Oh very cool, you didn't have to do that. Hope others want that feature too! I've got acid installed and running.


I'm not seeing a difference between cpp and cpt though. If my cursor is in an inner s-exp and I use cpt it's trying to evaluate only that inner sexp instead of the entire function, the same as cpp. I might have explained it wrong before. Anyways, I'm excited to start using this and see where it goes!


I'll double check. It should've evaluated the top-level spec, not the inner one.


Really sorry for that. I've found the issue. Just pushed the fix for it. Hope you enjoy using acid and don't refrain to drop me a message or open an issue if you need anything. 🙂


I’m glad there’s innovation in the vim/clojure space. I’m still a happy fireplace user for now but iced, acid, and conjure look like interesting projects to try.


oh thanks