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Finally got it working. Had to use :Piggieback (figwheel-sidecar.repl-api/repl-env "blah") instead of the cljs-repl used by the emacs people.


The apparent success from before was from having some log statements being ran when sidecar was reloading the file.


Oh, sorry, yes, thats... yes


I should have noticed that.


I actually got the repl-env stuff in


Hi all, I pretty much gave up vim for emacs when I started writing Clojure around a year ago… I would love to start looking back into editing clojure with vim but haven’t had the time to look at the current tooling. Can anybody point me to a simple vimrc that I can pull in and get up to speed with quickly? ….was using neovim before switching but either vim or nvim is fine. Thx!!!


@fedreg I'd recommend mine, but I imagine you might work differently to me with grep, file nav, buffer switching, etc


@dominicm Thx! Just need a starting point to get me back into it. If yours is straightforward and you would not mind sharing it I would love to take a look. Once I have a bit more time I’ll dive in and tweak the specifics.