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Michael Fiano08:03:49

@dominicm I think I'm going to try vim-replant in a little bit


I'll stand by for when it blows up 😁

Michael Fiano08:03:30

Ha. Right now I'm trying to figure out some beginner issue I'm having with Clojure

Michael Fiano08:03:28

I've been using Clojure for a week, and for the last 3 days hashmap destructuring with default values is giving me all sorts of problems as a beginner. I'm beginning to wonder if I should be using some utility library not in core to do these basic things.


@mfiano You mean :or? Or something else?

Michael Fiano09:03:17

@dominicm I asked in #beginners if you want to take a look


I just poked my head in, I don't know of a straightforward solution to your question that doesn't compromise duplication of the merge.

Michael Fiano09:03:36

Yeah, I've been trying to model this for a few days now. No prob