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dominicm08:01:56 just gained support for jacking in via clj, it requires this in your init.vim/vimrc, as it only supports the latest cider snapshot, which isn't supported by refactor-nrepl.

let g:jack_in_injections['cider/cider-nrepl']['version'] = '0.17.0-SNAPSHOT'
unlet g:jack_in_injections['refactor-nrepl']
This means you can now do :Clj to get yourself a CIDER nREPL which vim will automatically detect. You can also pass dep-opt arguments like :Clj -R:dev -C:dev to load the dev aliases. main-opt arguments aren't currently supported, but I'd welcome any ideas someone has to make them possible, I'm guessing it may involve a delimiter like -- or similar.