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My local replant, with a fork of cider-nrepl (will upstream soon™) now supports stacktraces where you can jump to source. This is really useful, and is one level above those found in fireplace. Combined with vim-unimpaired, you can jump through a stack with [l and ]l which is pretty powerful imo.


There's probably quite a few hours of work left in making this good enough for general use, but once I have it, I'll start working on a custom eval for replant so that you can have this in response to evaluation errors.


Combined with vim-qf you can do :Keep aero and get only the aero frames.


I'm really excited about this


A few gotchas: The jar paths are really long, and there's very little I can do (I think I can knock off the /home/dominic part at best).


Oh, actually... I could define a conceal which would hide a lot of cruft... brb


@dominicm very nice!, what about aligning line numbers etc.?


RE: yesterday's discussion, embloginated Nothing too novel here, just really like the idea of how far you can get with :terminal in Neovim.


@juhoteperi not sure how I'd align it. I wonder how spaces in the filename are treated. I suspect it will open the file with spaces in. I'm only using the location list built into vim


Apparently you can modify a quickfix buffer, and it will remember what goes where. A shame that behaviour isn't exposed somehow


@jebberjeb that's really interesting to me.


hmm, this stacktrace stuff works with cljs, but doesn't contain much in terms of references. Not sure if it's always been like that or not though.