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@dominicm I was curious to your ale & clojure.check linting. I have an active fireplace connection and followed your readme to add both eastwood and kibit as dependencies and installed both ale and clojure-check, but still get the following error:

Error detected while processing function ale#Queue[9]..ale#CallWithCooldown[9]..<SNR>55_ALEQueueImpl[41]..ale#Lint[12]..ale#CallWithCooldown[9]..<SNR>55_ALELintImpl[16]..ale#engine#RunLinters[12].
.<SNR>87_RunLinter[7]..<SNR>87_InvokeChain[1]..ale#engine#ProcessChain[52]..ale#linter#GetCommand[1]..ClojureCheck[1]..ClojureCheckArgs[2]..<SNR>56_ClojureNs: ... (and a few more lines) 
. Any idea how I can get it working?


@fatihict I've been meaning to fix this. I'm guessing some internal of ale changed


Probably just need to update the line formatting function I use


^Cool, I am running it with neomake now. Ran into another issue fixed with my minimal vimscript knowledge in this PR: 😛


I'll merge when at my computer next :)


is anyone here using vim-sayid with boot? i'd like to try it out, but it seems like it might rely on a lein plugin


by "i'd like to try it out," i mean i did try it out, but it didn't work


i got an error message asking if i added sayid to my :plugins, which is a leiningen thing


@dave I've not tried it with boot. I think that message is displayed when the sayid operations are not available, as determined by calling fireplace#op_available, I don't think there is anything specific in vim-sayid that would make it not work with boot but sayid itself is a lein plugin, isn't it?


@dave sayid is a lein plugin, but if you dig into the source, all it's doing is setting up some nrepl middleware, which is trivial to replicate into boot


I'm just off to bed, else I'd pull it out for you


aha, i've figured it out! i just needed to add com.billpiel.sayid.nrepl-middleware/wrap-sayid to boot.repl/*default-middleware*