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@dominicm nothing to do with this channel, but do you use tmux by any chance?


I don't, no. Why do you ask? :)


ah, just asking on the off chance. I have a random question because I just updated versions and can’t find the answer online yet 😛


Someone else in the channel may know, worth an ask anyway


I just resolved it!


I appreciate the offer, though


What was the issue with tmux, @uwo? I ask because I’ve been pinned to 2.3 because all the newer versions break some basic functionality for me that I’ve never been able to solve (specifically, using vim copy and paste with y in the tmux buffer).


@defndaines it turns out It wasn’t an issue at all. I was seeing tmux server and client logs in the directory where I started it, but that was just because I had run tmux -v a number of times which is not “give me the version of tmux” I was able to resolve y and v for tmux 2.5, however. Nicely it no longer requires reattach-to-user-namespace if you’re on osx

bind-key -T copy-mode-vi 'v' send -X begin-selection
bind-key -T copy-mode-vi 'y' send -X copy-pipe-and-cancel pbcopy


(obviously pbcopy is osx only)


Awesome, thank you. I’ll try that out.


Has anyone here used sayid and vim-sayid much? In this example I use gst to start tracing the namespace for the current file, in this case swaggerdown.coercion, then I use cpp to evaluate an expression in dev.clj, after that I use gsw to show the sayid workspace. In the sayid workspace you can use ii to view the inputs and output of each trace.