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refactor-nrep in profile.clj is still a deal breaker for me because of


Re: acid.vim VS fireplace


I've just finished installing acid and a few other plugins, but how do I activate them and start coding in clojure? When I open a new file all I get is normal mode


@vitruvia Did you get things up and running?


I just switched from Spacemacs to Neovim... I forgot how fast vim was 😄


How long had you been using Spacemacs?


A little over half a year


and before that what did you use?


Before that I was mainly using vim for smaller projects, but didn't write Clojure. And IntelliJ for Java.


Interesting. How'd it go with Spacemacs? I've picked it up before, but never really given it serious consideration.


Spacemacs is really cool. The GUI version looks really smooth and the ability to view images in an editor was foreign to me since I was so used to vim in the terminal and being able to manipulate Emacs with elisp is really a joy compared to vimscript for a Clojure dev. That being said the GUI was messing up my buffers and I couldn't figure out what the problem was, so I switched to the terminal version and everything was much smoother again. In the terminal I experienced a couple of random segfaults and I had some issues with configuring my editor, because I wanted it to be more and more like Vim and I thought... Why not just switch to Neovim 😛, I see that folks are working on the ability to hack Vim with Clojure and it got me really excited to pick it up again.


In case you hadn't seen it here's a recent post on the state of things


Awesome, thanks for the link. 👍


@jebberjeb I was getting too frustrated on windows so I'm setting up vim on linux now


@vitruvia I haven't tried running vim on windows or mac for a while, so I couldn't speak to it. But I will say I started doing all dev in a virtualbox (ubuntu) a couple years back and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made.


Sometimes, when I've been forced to run mac / windows software for one reason or another, a file share or ssh tunnel between the guest & host OS has done the job.


Thats exactly what I just started doing today


It's really liberating


had to go to school but I'm back at it now


already managed to set the plugins but now I have to set lein and learn how to configure hotkeys before I manage to get anything done