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I'm not sure if Martian might be of interest. It's a clojure library which does this for swagger


@jebberjeb I've been thinking about the downsides of having the code stored on our side.. I think the major downside is that we can't effectively evolve the code (or need to be extra cautious when upgrading). By delegating the code generation to clients, changing the generated code is a decision of the plugin author. On the other hand, a bug on the codegen would bother all plugin authors that has generated the code prior to fixing... By now I'm diveded between both alternatives and I'd rather take a decision based on what plugin authors would prefer...


I'd also like to get feedback from plugin authors, yeah.


I think we have a decent number of plugin authors here. What do you guys think? Would you: 1️⃣ Prefer to have a neovim API with the RPC API embedded; 2️⃣ Prefer to bootstrap the RPC client on your project; 3️⃣ I have another idea (comment below). Please react to this message and help the neovim-client 🙂


What do other clients do?


Good question. I'm looking at trying to figure it out.


I see source code. I wonder how/if they support different API levels.