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A writeup of some of my experiences with Clojure and Neovim (much of it already discussed here):


was just reading it 🙂


It's weird, you can't say "rust" in a programming blog anymore without me stopping and saying "wait, the language or literal rust"


@jebberjeb link to your (blog?) is borked 🙂

dominicm14:04:58 goes here On link text: > "baroque, deranged and annoyingly useful mess"


think that's fixed it


@jebberjeb You linked to my blog ❤️


that post definitely inspired this one -- got to keep spreading the good word 🙂


awesome to see momentum around clojure + (neo)vim. i might have to dive in myself !


@jebberjeb I'm curious: What's the editor landscape like at Cognitect?


@dominicm I want to say there are 3-4 vimmers, then the rest are split 75% emacs, 25% intellij


@jebberjeb I was checking the code. So in theory I could add another function in socketrepl.vim and a related command on the clj side in socket_repl_plugin.clj. I'm thinking about a possible clj-refactor integration


But then I'd still need vim-script magic to replace/restructure forms etc..


@reborg so, in the function you'd add to socket_repl_plugin.clj, you can access the API, and get/set buffer contents.


So you could do it the way you've described, I think, or do it all in Clojure (I think).


ah, that's it then, uber cool.


Yeah kind of neat to think about doing this stuff in Clojure. The core of it happens with I don't know enough about clj-refactor to know this, but if you didn't actually need the socket repl, you could create a totally new plugin project to just do what you want, and kinda pattern it after socketrepl.nvim.


But if it would use the socketrepl to do anything, then yeah better to bolt something like that on to socketrepl.nvim.


It seems to me that your architecture cuts down a lot of complexity compared to clj-refactor.nvim (requiring node.js) so the day of emacs-parity is getting closer 😉


I think you're right, that it is simpler in some aspects. A disadvantage of my approach is that, right now at least, the plugin itself is a java process. So it depends on how you feel about the cost of starting up a java process and loading the clojure runtime. I've been using it with socketrepl.nvim for months now and I don't feel it, but I think for lightweight plugins it is potentially a problem.


@reborg emacs reactor is built on a library called rewrite-clj. But it's actually got a jvm library too. No reason you shouldn't be able to get the functionality without writing much manipulation itself.