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@snoe you were right about the z/up adding formatting. Only added it to the thread-all form locally for now, will dig deeper tomorrow in getting it working universally


I'm working on something to make available reloaded.repl functions consistently in vim. Getting side tracked and carried away though!


Hi folks.. I just published v0.1 of acid: I'm intending to have a completely async solution for clojure development on neovim. There are several missing features yet, but hopefully its API is stable enough for daily usage. Acid is an async alternative to fireplace and is built from ground up to be extensible and fluid. I'd be very happy if you could try it and open issues/PRs and help extend it. Thanks in advance, Henry 'ingvij' Kupty


Totally want a streaming output to a buffer of my evals


:call AcidEval({'code': '(some-fn 1 2)', 'op': 'eval'}) streams the output to a buffer 🙂


Which buffer? This is incredible. I must have it. do you stream out?


yes. AcidEval opens a buffer of its own and streams out, value, status and more (omits ns, session and id) to it


This is amazing. I figured this would be something for later.