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@juhoteperi: @ingvij just figured out the exception you were always hitting. I've got a patch that fixes it that I'm nearly happy with


I'll test that later, but it looks like it fixes the problem! Thanks @dominicm


I'm thinking about removing the need to include the regex in your init.vim for clj-async-omni, I'm personally confident that it's pretty stable, I can't think of anything that it hasn't covered for me so far.


Before I open any PRs, I'd just like to check that nobody can see any obvious symbols missing?

dominicm19:10:44 looks like valid symbols are pretty under specified anyway ¯\(ツ)


I think we might be missing '#' and that's it,


Just pushed up new regex including #, I'll test drive it for a week, and if nobody pesters me, I'll get it into deoplete's core (if that's still a thing)