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re: compassus, I don't really override defui


but both Compassus and Untangled expect to take control of your parser, which makes them incompatible


^ theoretically. I haven't tried to set up Compassus routing in an Untangled app. It could be possible in theory, Compassus can wrap another parser (Untangled's for example)


@anmonteiro Oh, I was remembering that you had a defui macro that you had to use..oh, that was the CSS one. That's right, it was the parser on the routing.


yeah, that was om-css


Hey all I am wondering if anyone could share experiences embedding an untangled application within the context of another application? Are there any pitfalls? Is it necessary to really think of the Untangled client as mostly being useful when building a single page app? Got to thinking about this while working with dev cards.


An untangled application can stand alone in a div; however, if you pull in other js deps, you could end up in trouble...depending on how you did it. Basically, if you end up with duplicate names in JS, things will break


If you've compiled the app with :advanced optimization, theoretically all of the symbols can be renamed into a minified thing, but again, the possibility of clashes is possible.


So, your biggest challenge would be just keeping the two from stomping on each other's symbol and function definitions


I was expecting to have to be mindful of potentials for conflict with other included JS, and that is certainly an unknown, but outside of that limitation it is nice to know there are no other real issues.