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@baris Looks like you dug through a bit already. Building a navigation structure dynamically (e.g. a user-configurable layout they can drag and drop?) seems like a very advanced topic...particularly if you're a beginner. If you instead mean: a UI with tabs that might be nested, then the answer is union queries and idents. It's really quite elegant...the union queries limit data pulled to those things on screen, everything has local reasoning, and the overall data structure is a simple graph. So, not sure what you want to make "more elegant". There is so little incidental complexity (understanding a simple union) that I have trouble seeing something more elegant. Perhaps you mean "less foreign to my eye"?


You example is not leveraging idents, so you have not actually created a graph data structure. I'd recommend going through the dev guide.


It is interactive, and will teach you the concepts you need.


Thanks @tony.kay, nested navigation e.g. tabs with union queries is the way to go. The given example was just a hint to make the nested navigation idea clear, forget about it. I'm just happy to have some time to build the first untangled project at work after following the project since it was born. Still it's a little bit bumpy for me as an beginner and the learning curve is steep. BUT you guys have an very good documentation, videos, cookbook and so on for an open-source project which make the work more fun then frustrating. Good job!


I'll take the dev guide tour and hopefully some concepts get more clear for me.


is there an option for merge-state! that doesn’t remove attributes on old data which are missing in the new data? eg. {:name “bob” :age 1} merge in {:name “sapp”} -> {:name “sapp” :age 1}.


@ianchow the only way I know of right now is to put only :name in the query you use to get that novelty


our thought process for making it behave that way, was that if you asked for it and it didn’t come back, you should remove it as it is gone


@ianchow what @adambros said. You can read more about how our merge works in the dev guide, along with why it works that way. See the section titled "Data Merge" in!/untangled_devguide.H_Server_Interactions


@baris welcome. Glad you're enjoying it. Also welcome feedback on improving the docs if you hit speedbumps.