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Awesome! I really like the api of load especially that the options are just a map..


Yeah, for most things I think load fits really well. I'm hoping it turns out that it just fits everything. I think it does, but I'm willing to play wait-and-see on it.


(load app :made-up-keyword Component {:target [:blah :boo]}) gets you the ability to target a specific query on the server and a specific app state location for the result (with auto-normalization of the nested data), and the ident-based version makes it even easier when your target is a table. Combine that with parameters, and post mutations for things like sorting and the use of integrate-ident and I cannot think of a problem it doesn't solve.


But I want to port the cookbook and such and make sure I'm right 🙂


ah no, that repo is apparently for developing the actual template


oh well, maybe a good starting point?


i think tony and i have decided that the template is too much work to maintain (& get up to date) instead the plan moving forwards will be to clone a project, and provide a few bash scripts to rename everything that might need/want renaming that way we can be developing the “template” without having the drag of it being a lein template


there is still a lein-template if you want to check it out, but it’ll likely merge with that workspace into a project you will clone


@adambros what's the news on defui dev tools?


i'd suggest not being overly ambitious and try to get some working MVP committed to either untangled-client, or a new project


that thing is always going to be experimental / cutting edge, but would be a tragedy to have it stuck in PR forever


@jasonjckn the mixins/augments are ready whenever i think, the devtools are not really there yet


ill see if i have some time this weekend to get the augments out there


they may need a few helper macros


@adambros consider breaking up the PR into multiple PRs, just get 1 decent dev tool in like the IDerefFactory