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@tony.kay Turns out it’s not untangled, thanks for walking through that with me. Turning :pathopt on in the reconciler allows me to recreate this in vanilla


@gardnervickers happy to look at a minimal repro


If you’d like me to put it in a different form let me know


doesn’t look very minimal to me


Yea, I’ll strip it down further. The issue only presents when you have a union inside of a union, so there needs to be a few components.


@gardnervickers Cool. Nested unions isn't something I've used yet. Thanks @anmonteiro for continuing to be such a valuable resource to the community!


@gardnervickers @anmonteiro we have been using nested unions extensively and haven’t had any issues apart from making sure it’s all hooked up correctly. We’ve definitely seen the no queries for component path error a fair bit, not just with unions. We think it happens when we transact with a follow-on read intended to re-render a component that isn't on the screen when the transaction is called


of course, it’s very possible there is still an issue with unions, just sharing what we’ve encountered


Hm. That would make sense, and would be a different kind of should be safe to ask for a re-render of something that isn't on should be a harmless no-op


sounds like it only happens when pathopt is on (which it is in Untangled)


The issue we’re seeing is specifically with om/full-query choking on the path. I’ve refined my repro quite a bit more, and am still working on getting it down to a minimal case. The issue only appears when there’s an ident on the top level join.


Moving this to om channel though, thanks for the help everyone!


let us know the outcome


@tony.kay Could I pitch in with the untangled documentation sprint? I am currently very busy with shipping something… But I should have some time next week 🙂