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With the example Sente web application you deliver the index.html from your own code, and have code control over the server side routing. Is it possible to do this with an Untangled Client/Server application? All the Untangled applications I have seen have index.html just as a file.


@cjmurphy: Are you saying you want to serve a template (i.e. hiccup, etc) from /? If so, then yes. We do that in a good bit of the things we are developing.


@mahinshaw: Yes I used hiccup for the index.html from my own routing function gen-main-page for / from routing done with Ring. That was when just using Untangled Client. If I could get at the server routes list somehow, with the application now being an Untangled Server, I think that would help.


@cjmurphy: If you take a look at make-untangled-server, you will see an option for :extra-routes. These use bidi to do routing. You can use this to add a hiccup based template.