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on untangled websockets, how do I get an http POST request to trigger a mutation on the server, then on connected clients?


So we're running into a case where, only with advanced compilations turned on, our app won't boot with the latest untangled-client build. Appears to trace back to some of the new merge state code?


For some reason it seems like only in advanced compilations mode, om can't figure out the ident of a component with a union query.


I don't have the time to isolate that between Untangled and Om. We have several apps working with advanced compilation, and have not seen this problem, but I don't think any of them use unions. @jslavin, does your UI use unions/INitialAppState? Have you tried advanced compilation yet?


Maybe the key is that we don't have InitialAppState anywhere yet?


Still trying to track down - playing with different versions.


I believe this might be a bug in the latest version, dropping to 0.5.2 fixes it. My guess is that om/ident (used in the new union query handling) probably isn't intended for public use, given om/get-query exists to wrap the very similar IQuery protocol and has this special case for advanced compilations:


Since it's a runtime error on the merge-state! function - apps with advanced compilations that use that function but not during setup might appear to be working fine?


I’m thinking of upgrading untangled libraries to use the latest clojure(script) 1.9 builds, are there any objections? I can put this off or leave the upgrades in branches until we feel ready, but I’ve tested clj 1.9.0-alpha9 and cljs 1.9.89 in an app using all of the untangled libraries and it seems to work (even w/ advanced compilation).