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We are using untnagled datomic with boot, and are having trouble getting the migrations to run when deploying with an uberjar. So far we have just been running a boot task which seems to work. When we deploy with our boot task, we can see the migrations being run and txs being conformed:

16-May-10 16:17:59 Kennys-MacBook-Pro-2.local INFO [untangled.datomic.schema] - Conforming  :adstage-report-center.migrations/initial-20160301
16-May-10 16:17:59 Kennys-MacBook-Pro-2.local DEBUG [untangled.datomic.schema] - {:adstage-report-center.migrations/initial-20160301 {:txes [({:db/index false, :db/valueType :db.type/string, ....})]
However when I run from the uberjar i see:
16-May-10 16:43:54 Kennys-MacBook-Pro-2.local INFO [untangled.datomic.schema] - Running migrations for adstage-report-center.migrations
16-May-10 16:43:54 Kennys-MacBook-Pro-2.local DEBUG [untangled.datomic.schema] - Schema is now clojure.lang.LazySeq@ecdcb301


Has anyone run into this issue?