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It would be great to have a list of known tradeoffs of untangled. Like what's difficult or impossible to do.


@kauko: haven’t started yet, but I am planning in the next week or two to write a very basic overview of untangled — essentially, a small “Hello, world” type app that has enough complexity to describe all the different pieces: initial state, the app-state database, queries, idents, mutations, and the UI render lifecycle. Might use the todomvc app so there is code to reference


Tony’s tutorial is a great deep dive, I’m looking to introduce something that isn’t quite so deep. I joined NAVIS less than a year ago and had no web dev experience, and it took me about 2-3 months to spin up on the framework. Another 1.5-2 to feel comfortable, and there is still plenty I don’t know. So I’m hoping to create something that will be helpful to people of a similar demographic — experience with CS, maybe not as much with web frameworks, clojure, functional programming paradigms, or om.


so if anyone has thoughts or wants to help contribute, let me know


I should probably say that I was also spinning up WHILE building the framework. It shouldn’t take that much time for new folks at this point


@vmarcinko: You should probably just run a read with something like [{[:entity id] [things to get]}].


That will dispatch on :entity and you can use id to get the data you want for that entity.


@ethangracer: I would be glad to help with a high level tutorial like that. I think that that kind of tutorial would be a great complement to Tony’s tutorial. Just let me know what I can do.


@monjohn: awesome, I’m going to get started on it soon — I’ll push it up to a repo so anyone interested can do pull requests


I’m especially going to need help with some of the web development background — e.g. how React works with Om for dummies


Great. I’ll keep an eye out for it.


@vmarcinko, @ethangracer, @tony.kay I've discovered I don't need to use idents for follow on reads to get some other component to re-render and only one of the checkbox items to be re-rendered: So now I should be able to get rid of the use of idents for follow on reads from other code as well. Using idents obviously not ideal because you miss out on the 'update all components that query the key'.