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Hi, I'm trying to "dip a first toe into the waters" of deep learning in Clojure, and started with, which I found from your article. Thank you for these excellent resources. Skimming ahead, everything looks truly excellent. Sadly, though, I'm stuck at the first lines of "basic setup": - In "Getting Started" it's not obvious if the tasks under Installation are needed, or are superseded by the next section With Leineingen - In "Hello world" there are few details in the readme; and the project is not setup to work with lein run. I don't see how to take the first baby steps. It is obvious that a lot of work and love went into Neanderthal and the "Deep Learning From ..." articles. I don't want to be "that guy" who is bothered by the tiny bits of instruction missing at the beginning. But, I'm stuck.


@deg you definitely need to install the MKL libs. Once those are installed, simple typical lein project with neanderthal dependency should 'just work'.


@deg MKL must be on the path. Whether you install it or just provide raw .so/.dll/.dylib is up to you. As for leiningen, the project is meant to be used with lein repl (and/or cider-jack-in or whatever you use to get a live repl).