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@john Can you please share your complete project.clj? ClojureCL is an OpenCL library, while ClojureCUDA is CUDA-related. That's why I'm not sure what are you trying to do. Do you have CUDA-capable Nvidia GPU in your Mac, or you have some other card, in which case ClojureCL is the right library.


In the case that you have Nvidia GPU, you should use the latest ClojureCUDA. However, you should first build JCuda 0.9.0 natives for macOS, since we couldn't find anyone that had access to a Mac with a Nvidia GPU (those are becoming extinct I guess). I can help you with that, and it would be great if you help the author of JCuda by sending the appropriate natives to be included in the next JCuda release.


Sorry, I was being dense 😂


I misread some of the text in the tutorial and thought some parts of it were cross platform


And at first I thought clojurecuda might fail over to opencl if nvidia wasn't available, but then I realized I needed to bring in clojurecl. Then I still couldn't get the cuda messages to disappear - perhaps I needed to lein clean - so I was experimenting with deps and exclusions. But requiring uncomplicate.clojurecl.core in the repl works now. All good.