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is there a plan to have bayadera in clojars at some point?


a propos, was skimming through the Clojure Numerics posts, and found lein-with-env-varsplugins useful for setting DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH for Leiningen:


since environment variables set up in the shell where lein repl is started seem not to be inherited to the subprocess in which Leiningen starts the actual jvm with dependencies


@viesti thank you for finding an easy solution for macos. Can you please add a link to yout template to the getting started guide and send me a pull request?


Thanks for finding it PR worthy :) I'll send it in (hopefully) near future


ah, thanks!


@viesti Yes, Bayadera should have been released to clojars long time ago. I plan to dedicate lots of time soon and during the spring to develop it further and also add CUDA and CPU engines. However, not being in the clojars is not such a great handicap imho, since it does not contain any exotic build. lein install should make it available in your local repository, and currently you need amd gpu anyway.