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Hi, When I do a dot product of double vectors I get the expected answer: (n is neanderthal core and nn is neaderthal native). (n/dot (nn/dv 1 2 3) (nn/dv 1 2 3)) => 14.0 but the dot of float vectors gives me 0: (n/dot (nn/fv 1 2 3) (nn/fv 1 2 3)) => 0.0 Am I missing something? Thanks.


I haven't had time to investigate this further yet.


Ok. Thanks. Also, FYI I stumbled around trying to install MKL and figured out setting DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on MAC OS X doesn’t work as expected anymore because because of system integrity protection (SIP) I instead created links to an exisiting directory. ie. ln -s /opt/intel/lib* /usr/local/lib (and /opt/intel/mkl/lib) and that seems to work. There is a mention of this in the docs (thanks!) but maybe a clearer sentence would alter most people that this is an option. Thanks again.


Maybe the best would be if you open an issue on github with this, since there is a slim chance that anyone would find this information on Slack.