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Björn Ebbinghaus14:04:38

@blueberry When will 0.10 be released to clojars?


@mroerni No definitive plans, since the updates are still minor. Clone the repository and lein install in the meantime.

Björn Ebbinghaus17:04:28

@blueberry Okay. By the way, the "fast primitive versions of map and reduce" link in the "Optimized for Clojure" section on ist broken. It points to a localhost url.

Björn Ebbinghaus18:04:30

A support for primitive arrays would be great...


Primitive arrays open more problems in this area than they solve.

Björn Ebbinghaus20:04:20

Why? Shouldn't it be easy to copy e.g. an int-array into a ByteBuffer? I have an integer array of 81 million entrys. (dge) doesn't only work with a RealGEMatrix or a clojure seq. If I make a clojure seq out of that array first, my memory will run out. I tried to implement another transit! method, where the source is a double-array. There I want to put the content directly into the RealGEMatrix. I'm facing some problems, because I'm a freshman in clojure or rather java interop.


@mroerni Ah, if by support you mean support copying into native matrices/vectors, then you are right: it is both easy and a good idea. My comment was that support for arrays for the matrix operations themselves is full of landmines and ultimately not able to approach the current speed by a large margin...

Björn Ebbinghaus21:04:09

Ah, ok. My fault.


@mroerni no fault at all. Please open an issue and describe your use case for primitive array transfer, and I'll support it in the next release.