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wouldn't that be a heavyweight solution? Neanderthal is a library - it should work in any environment you put it.


@aaelony atlas builds in that container wouldn't be optimized for the hardware architecture the container is running on.


yeah, it's definitely a tension between ease of install and use versus performance (which is the main point). I'm in agreement now.


was just a crazy thought to think that, well, if it's only tested and seamless on one platform right now, just make a docker container for that platform. But from a performance context, it defeats the purpose.


From a user adoption library perspective though, it might make sense, but not if benchmarking is the goal


It is also tested and even more seamless (as in works out of the box) on OSX 😉


And even from the user adoption point: how is fiddling with a docker container easier than installing a pre-built atlas with your system's package manager? On linux, for example, almost all distributions support installing atlas with something like pacman -Suy atlas.


If someone sends you a windows atlas.dll, that solves the biggest current hurdle for using Neanderthal on Windows.