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Drew Verlee03:05:51

Is there a way to avoid declaring the mvn/root in a project, if the local/root dependency that uses it already has declared the mvn/root? For example, the example project below depends on local project f, which uses something found in the blah repo.

{:deps {f/f {:local/root "../f"}}
But if i try to build this, it fails, because it can't find blah. But if I add the mvn repo where blah is found, it works (as expected)
... :mnv/repo {"blah" {:URL "blahs url}}
But mvn/repo is already declared in the f project, so it feels like i'm declaring it twice for no added benefit.


It's to avoid possible hijacking of dependencies by a transitive dep.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)03:05:22

The added benefit is that you know you declared it

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Drew Verlee03:05:32

Gotcha. Thanks for the follow-up!