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Can I depend on a Java project through tools.deps via git support? I think the git repository can be cloned, but only maven pom.xml is resolved. So I got the dependencies of that project, but the project itself is not accessible.


And is it possible for a library use deps.edn , but depends on some java file? When it is a dependency in another project, there's no way to get the java file compiled?


Not really, there are things you can do using prep tasks, but really the java ecosystem is not made to be consumed as source

Christian Johansen06:06:45

How do I provide private Maven repo username and password on a build server? I have :mvn/repos in my deps.edn, and locally I have a ~/.m2/settings.xml file with settings.servers.server.{id, username, password}. I guess I could do echo ,,, > ~/.m2/settings.xml on the build server, but are there other options? Environment variables or similar?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)09:06:44

You need a settings.xml