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Ronnie Nissan06:06:25

hey. I am having a problem installing deps-new on Fedora Linux, using both the fish and bash shells.

Ronnie Nissan06:06:51

when I run clojure -Ttools install io.github.seancorfield/deps-new '{:git/tag "v0.4.9"}' :as new I get Unreadable arg: "{:git/tag"


Are you sure you are using the quotes like you have there verbatim?


I would expect an error like that if the single quotes were missing for example

Ronnie Nissan06:06:20

I am using the exact same command as the one on the repo's readme


Are you running it as part of a shell script or typing it directly in the terminal?


The command from the readme doesn't fail like that using bash for me

Ronnie Nissan06:06:39

directly in the terminal


(completely different error about my git trying to launch an x11 program without an x11 display before cloning from GitHub)


A regular terminal emulator?


Are you sure that clojure is the tools.deps related script? What does clojure -Sdescribe say?

Ronnie Nissan06:06:04

as for the terminal, I am using the gnome terminal emulator. and I do not think that should matter

Ronnie Nissan06:06:31

my clojure and java install are all inside a podman container (using distrobox)


You may need some extra quotation to pass the args through the extra layer there


'\' instead of just '


Or not, distrobox would just run the shell


What kind of error do you get if you replace :git/tag with :foo/bar in the command?

Ronnie Nissan06:06:49

Unreadable arg: "{:foo/bar"

Ronnie Nissan06:06:05

the escaping worked, kinda

Ronnie Nissan06:06:29

Execution error (ExceptionInfo) at (git.clj:44).
Library io.github.seancorfield/deps-new has invalid tag: v0.4.9


Are you using the distrobox export feature?


That is what is making it require extra quoting

Ronnie Nissan06:06:27

but running the command inside the container has the same resoult


How are you running it inside the container? Launching a shell in the container and typing it in?

Ronnie Nissan06:06:01

distrobox-enter clojure where clojure is the name of the container

Ronnie Nissan06:06:10

so from inside the container, with the escape, it returns this, Key is missing value: new

Ronnie Nissan06:06:23

maybe I should nuke the container and start fresh


Try removing the export

Ronnie Nissan07:06:01

now it works, weird

Ronnie Nissan07:06:50

maybe the full path of the clojure bin should be specified when running it