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I guess the answer will be no, but does deps.edn support global exclusions? E.g. an app has dependencies that depend on but wants to override it globally with another dep which brings in the same namespaces, but is published under a different organization

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:04:45

No, but I'm pretty sure there is an ask question if you want to upvote


I may have bad searching skills, but I don't see one


I guess an ugly workaround could be to make a local/root dep indirection and then make an exclusion on that


@borkdude I’m curious were you forking a transitive dep? I had a similar case recently


@rickmoynihan I'm asking for something we're considering called tools.misc : The idea is that you can choose one tool (JSON or http client, etc) but can swap the implementation on the application level to reduce the number of dependencies. A few implementations will be centrally maintained, but it should be possible to override those with your own or other third party implementations.


ok so essentially like putting all your java interfaces in a dep separate from the implementations; but for clojure obviously. Interesting :thinking_face:


kind of yes