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anyone recognize errors like the following?

Error building classpath. Could not acquire write lock for 'artifact:org.clojure:tools.namespace:1.2.0'
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not acquire write lock for 'artifact:org.clojure:tools.namespace:1.2.0'
	at org.eclipse.aether.internal.impl.synccontext.named.NamedLockFactoryAdapter$AdaptedLockSyncContext.acquire(
Apparently we are on '' which is ancient. I’m looking through the release notes to see if this issue has been addressed. I see some stuff that looks like it might be similar but not exactly the same


I’ve seen that this has been reported before and saw that there is an issue tracking it but don’t see that issue. Also not clear if we should expect this to be fixed or need to run single threaded

Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:04:35

much work has been done on this and I don't believe it is an issue on latest


🙏 thanks