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Cam Saul20:08:52

I was trying to rework a build script as a -T alias, and I've just noticed that it's missing from a lot of the the man page. • The man page for clojure has been updated to mention that -T exists in the synopsis but doesn't actually describe what -T does outside of that • `-T` is also not explained anywhere in the Deps and CLI Guide (AFAIK) The only place I found that explains it is the blog post

Joshua Suskalo20:08:53

The deps and cli reference has been updated with references to -T

Joshua Suskalo20:08:05

Yeah, sorry, I was mistaken, I sometimes confuse the reference for the guide.

Joshua Suskalo20:08:05

The guide has been updated for this release because it does contain information about preparing libs (, but you're right, no references to -T


It's discussed in the reference section

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Not sure whether it belongs in the guide section, except maybe as a note to read the relevant parts of the reference?


There's a separate guide for stuff:


(and I'm happy to answer Qs in-depth since we've switched our entire setup at work to use clojure -T:build ... for everything!)