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Should gitlibs be nuked when upgrading from clojure tools to


It's always safe to nuke those, so if in doubt, go ahead I would say


I know it's safe 🙂 just wanted to know if it is necessary or recommended. I'd prefer to skip doing it on all the build agents in case it isn't needed


I think if you went through the incremental prerelease builds you could get into a bad state but 814 fixed that. Or at least fixed part of that. I would upgrade to 814 and see if a build fails. It's pretty obvious if the gitlibs cache is broken.


I'm trying to get deps.clj up to date with the latest and greatest tools.deps / clojure bash. I tried coming up with a test that would have failed under the old clj and works with the newest clj with regards to the corfield comma / whitespace problem. So I tried this:

clj -Srepro -Sdeps '{:aliases {:space {:jvm-opts ["-Dfoo=\"foo bar\""] }}}' -M:space -e "(prn (System/getProperty \"foo\"))"
The string prints as "\"foo bar\"". 1. Should it? 2. Is this a representative test?


You can also do, deps.edn:

{:aliases {:space {:jvm-opts ["-Dfoo=foo bar"] }}}
Not sure if that's how it should be done. Just looking for a good test case.


Both seemed to fail with


I think I caught up with 814 now. Thanks! duckie


Good afternoon, all! What’s the syntax for specifying multiple Java properties at the command line using -J For example, I want to specify a custom truststore using -.ssl.trustStore=/path/to/truststore and -.ssl.trustStorePassword=changeme. Space-separated like this?

clojure -J'' -M http-test.clj


@grzm a -J for each I believe, -J-Dfoo -J-Dbar

thanks3 3