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@alexmiller: The other week I built a dumb tool to override pom version numbers, but realised that clojure -X:deps mvn-pom almost has this functionality baked in it’s just not exposed. Is there any reason why tools.deps can’t let you pass [:params :version] here: ?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:11:55

no real reason - the internals have been refactored to make this feasible but really I expect this to probably go away in favor of doing this via (which uses most of this same code)


ok in that case my tool wasn’t a complete waste of time 😂


Ah, I hoped tools-build would have a solution for xml madness, that's great to hear!


@rickmoynihan...and this is why I've been pushing back on the depstar discussion until I see what actually brings to the table: I don't want to do work that would be made redundant by because I'd much rather use an "official" tool chain, maintained by Nubank, than have to keep maintaining and working with ad hoc third party stuff 🙂


yup I’ve never questioned that… I’m just trying to improve this area for myself and maybe others in the interim