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@p-himik I've been considering writing a tool which ensures your top level dependencies are at least newer than those required by your dependencies


That may be useful. 👍 Although not for my problem in particular because I ended up just dropping the explicit dependency. :)


I think that's wrong. You depend on that library.


We've discussed that at length with Sean just a bit above. :) It's not that wrong in my particular context, I think.


tl;dr: I depend on the library, but I don't depend on the version of the library. And if something breaks, the app just won't start. So by not using an explicit dependency, I cannot really run time runtime errors. But with an explicit dependency, I definitely can if I forget to update it along with other libraries that depend on it as well.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:07:48

it would probably be pretty easy to read a trace file (or use the api and the trace data returned) to see that