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@corasaurus-hex you might want to look into Kaocha. It was conceived as a test runner for deps.edn that's less spartan than the cognitect runner

Cora (she/her)10:01:24

thanks, I'll check it out :)


If your editor has a test runner, eg. CIDER for Emacs, then you only need to ensure the 'test' directory is included in the path. You can add it to :path or as an alias.


I tend to switch betweeen cognitect-labs test runner and eftest (weavjester). I also am trying out Kaocha as its very comprehensive. I have test-runner aliases in my $HOME/.clojure/deps.edn file

Cora (she/her)16:01:12

I do use cider but I'm also running tests in babashka and don't want to work out using a socket repl instead of nrepl with emacs


Can you elaborate a bit on how you run tests in babashka? What would you expect from a test runner in that environment?


We can take this to #babashka


Bit of context: this is an intermediate lib for running tests until bb gets clojure.test: