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Apolgies if this is posted in the wrong group! I created a uberjar using clj -A:new app and clj -A:uberjar myproject.jar alias from @seancorfield’s dot-clojure aliases. I'm getting the following error message though: Error: Invalid or corrupt jarfile myproject.jar I copied the aliases from the deps.edn from dot-clojure over to the deps.edn in the project to run the :uberjar alias. How do I make a working uberjar?


@watchtheblur The README on depstar explains all that...


At work we run all our uberjars like this: java -cp /path/to/the.jar clojure.main -m entry.point -- which will run entry.point/-main as the "main" function. But the readme explains several other approaches.


It worked! Thanks for the assist again!