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and yet there are tools already on top of tools-deps that do building and stuff


although they are mostly about making jars from clojure source, haven't seen any that compile java


is there a limit on the length of paths for tools.deps? when running clj (it's datomic ions push, but I don't think that matters) in Codebuild with local cache enabled for gitlibs it will fail with the following exeption

 "{:op :push :region us-east-1}",
 ({:message "Unable to transform path",
   :class   ExceptionInfo,
   :data    {:home   "/root",
             :prefix "/root/.gitlibs/libs",
                     {:git/url       "<redacted>",
                      :sha           "e7cc7c48ea0af52f9380c61d2d946cac5d7068e0",
                      :deps/manifest :deps,
                      :deps/root     "/codebuild/local-cache/custom/b11f68d510f24e13d8132571e19ad44f6bd772898be1fc7b98e76106d7e1ab50/root/.gitlibs/libs/<redacted>/<repo>/e7cc7c48ea0af52f9380c61d2d946cac5d7068e0",
                      :paths         ["/codebuild/local-cache/custom/b11f68d510f24e13d8132571e19ad44f6bd772898be1fc7b98e76106d7e1ab50/root/.gitlibs/libs/<redacted>/<repo>/e7cc7c48ea0af52f9380c61d2d946cac5d7068e0/src"]}}})} 
If I run locally I don't see this problem and also when turning off cache for gitlibs, the problem disappears. Codebuild cache will create a symlink of /root/.gitlibs to /codebuild/local-cache/custom/b11f68d510f24e13d8132571e19ad44f6bd772898be1fc7b98e76106d7e1ab50/root/.gitlibs making the directory maybe too long?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:12:35

I’m not aware of a length issue, should probably ask in #datomic


oh, right!