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Just a data point - sometimes I’m repl’ed in a remote environment and I would find it useful to add a library without having to touch the remote deps.edn file, which might be tucked in a jar in any case. It’s on me to remember to do it after the fact, and that would require a proper deploy step anyhow.


I’m sure the table Alex is building will be much more nuanced, but the obvious (to me) building block is a function that can add a fully specified dep to the runtime. Figuring out the latest version, refresh the env from a deps.edn could be userland concerns, no?


This is what we have, so I think these might be baked in as well

Michaël Salihi21:10:12

Hi ! I I would like to know if it's possible to populate deps.edn dependencies in command line or some externals tools ? Right now, I use clj-refactor with cljr-add-project-dependency in Emacs but it only works when a REPL is already running.


@admin055 it’s just data - you can programmatically generate it