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How do I specify repository mirrors with deps.edn?


How are people deploying artifacts to private s3 buckets with tools.deps? Are people using mvn deploy, or scripting up pomegranate aether with s3-wagon-private somehow?


pomegrante’s aether deploy looks like it might be easy enough… though not sure how to wire in the s3 wagon…


It looks like it might be automagically done


ok it looks like it’s pretty easy to get pomegranate deploy with s3 wagon working in a simple clj script


@rickmoynihan write that down somewhere for others!


Will do. It looks like it basically just works. I’m sure it’d be easily extractable into an aliasable task, though I haven’t thought too much about how it should work in that form.


Right now I essentially want to programmatically generate a bunch of very similar artifacts that differ only in terms of one or two files and their artifact id.


The higher level problem I’m looking to solve is we have a repo that contains our own css framework, and we want to package client themes from a single place but consume them downstream as essentially webjars. So each clients theme will typically differ only by their theme.css


so I’ll likely solve that problem first, then look at extracting something reusable.


Is there a way to specify a dependency for a leiningen project? (i.e. project.clj is the only manifest)


@ballpark Thanks for that. That is useful but unfortunately not quite what I’m looking for. I was hoping that there was a way to pull in an existing leiningen project without modifying it. Is there a library or something that can resolve dependencies from a project.clj file or is the only way to do that to run leiningen itself? My use case is I would like to include specific versions of projects directly from github.


@mnewt Petition the maintainer to add deps.edn 🙂 You could always override the deduction, specify the manifest as :deps and then provide the transitive dependencies yourself in your deps.edn file.


@seancorfield Thanks, that makes sense