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deps has made such a big difference to my Clojure workflow! I’m eternally grateful for Leinignen for taking us this far, but tools-deps has made things even better


I’ll list some specific benefits that I’ve seen: 1. Less mono-repo oriented development due to effortless git deps (this was huge for me). 2. I’m more likely to fork open source libraries (and attempt to fix them) also because of git deps. 3. Casually adding custom automated project-related “tasks” (DB migrations, linting, testing etc) because of the combination of aliases and Clojure “scripts” (where with lein I would need a plugin) 4. Stopped using project generation tooling, I now make a deps.edn, an src folder and I suddenly have a new Clojure project!

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> 3. cant you do same with lein alias?


yeah, but lein culture says to develop a plugin.


to the point where I was not aware of lein alias 😄


oh I did know it, but it requires a main method