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Christian Johansen14:01:47

I've had various minor issues figuring out how to combine tools.deps, figwheel-main, devcards, emacs/CIDER and Clojars, and got a lot of help in here, and now I've summarized my experience in a howto on configuring this combination:

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thanks this is nice


the only difference I have there is deploying with deps-deploy...also sooner or later I would like to be able to sign the jar.

Christian Johansen14:01:54

hope it can be of help to someone


@christian767 I have recently added deps.edn-only deploy in - actually taking inspiration from @eval2020's work


sorry I read I am late...too late πŸ˜„

Christian Johansen21:01:49

Yeah @slipset tipped me about deps-deploy on Twitter, I'm going to update the article to recommend it in place of maven πŸ‘


@richiardiandrea jar signing just landed on master for deps-deploy. Comments welcome.


Had to read a bit too much to figure out how to do that.


The lein code for that is somewhat b0rken (reading the gpg passphrase is a bit unstable at times), so I had to reimplement that…

Christian Johansen21:01:02

Ugh, gpg. Can't think of anything that makes me feel more like a moron


Wow timely! Thank you!


Inspired by @christian767’s blog πŸ™‚

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That blog is really comprehensive, I am thinking about making it a template now 😺

Christian Johansen22:01:46

hehe, please do. I considered making it a minimal github repo, but time didn't allow for it between shipping kids around, walking the dog and putting together IKEA furniture 🀷 πŸ™‚

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