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Christian Johansen21:01:28

is there a special trick to deploying ClojureScript libraries to clojars with tools.deps? I tried doing clojure -Spom and then mvn deploy. I certainly did put a jar in clojars, but trying to use it I discover that it doesn't contain any sources :thinking_face:


@christian767 The pom needs build > resources. For a cljs-lib I use this pom: Check contents of jar with jar tf foo.jar.

Christian Johansen22:01:31

Seems my mistake was not building the jar, D'OH!

Christian Johansen22:01:46

thought it would be auto-built. and it was, but the jar maven built was useless, unsurprisingly, as it doesn't know about cljs files I guess

Christian Johansen22:01:54

used mvn deploy:deploy-file with a prepackaged jar instead