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Little question, is there a way to override the information that tools.deps.pom/gen-pom uses below


I am trying to generate a pom with version and project coords coming from the outside

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:11:38

No, but it syncs - so you can change it and it won’t be removed


Yep I saw the sync but in my case the info is coming from another file (either project.clj or package.json) and I think it would be awesome to have the pom.xml generated somehow - not persisted. Is it something worth discussing about?

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This is the only missing piece for an automated - deps.edn + project descriptor - no manual steps flow 😃 I know there exists probably a maven plugin for bumping versions in a pom but is no very lean


And thanks for the quick answer as well


Or I can write some bash but when this happens it always feels there is something hacky I don't know why simple_smile