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is add-lib likely to get officialized anytime soon?


I’m seeing 2 definitions: 1) in or after a short time. 2) used to indicate one’s preference in a particular matter. but more interesting, the origin: Old English sōna ‘immediately.’ 😛

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:07:13

Then I’ll go with no :)

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notes on git deps with clj https with authentication is not supported yet by clj (https is 65% of github's traffic) ssh authentication via Java is a usability trashfire (some KEX methods unsupported) The terminal is not interactive in clojure, so you cannot accept unseen public host keys - this might be ok, but surprising. Esoteric .ssh/config options can break cloning because the underlying java ssh libraries misread the .ssh/config file ed25519 keys supported via ssh-agent, but not via ~/.ssh/config entries Porting to shell out to git would help all of these issues, if remains compatible with Windows support

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notes I've previously pasted here ^