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does customizing a repl consist of having an alternate (different from clj) executable for starting the repl, or is there a facility in tools.deps to customize it? e.g., customize the printing function, or ensure that certain code is run before the repl starts

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:07:54

Once you have a repl, you can start a nested repl within it with whatever customizations you want. But I think this an area ripe for better options.


looks like I can't put a system-global user.clj file on the classpath automatically, is that correct?


(due to "only the last :paths is kept and others are dropped")


you can certainly start a different main method rather than clojure.main and give yourself a souped up repl @gfredericks


@ghadi but that requires passing args each time, right?


alias repl='java $(cat jopts) -cp $(clojure -Spath) clojure.main -m gfredericks.fave.repl'